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    I started out in the early 1990's in Titusville, Florida. I was using the family garage, while repairing computers for my friends. It seems word of my work got around. 🙂 Then things got a bit out of hand: I didnt have any room remaining to work on our lawn mower, and there were too many computers awaiting repair. It seems I had everyone needing help. I couldnt keep up with it all. So: I opened a computer repair store a couple blocks away from where I had been living-and-working. Eventually, it was all nicely set up. The next year: Booming! That little garage became Diversified Computers Sales & Service Inc.

During that year, I added four technicians, plus a store front clerk. All went well for a few months. There was plenty of work from the local area. Nextel contracted my firm as a dealer, for the Titusville area. (We were to sell and repair Nextel phones, per our agreement.) Shortly thereafter, we became dealers for Verizon and Boost phones. Wow, things surely went fast! :))

I had to hire three salesman, plus an office/sales lady. (Yes, she was my sadly now deceased mother: the key and best person there. Still: all employees were magnificent.) As we operated the Nextel and Verison stores, we chose to stock high quality computer supplies. As a result, soon more room again needed. !:) My firm rented half of the strip mall. We found ourselves needing to remove some walls, to put in a few doors, to build some benches, and to add a server room in the back! (I almost forgot to mention we was a dialup ISP company. also 🙂

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mark combs

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pattrick king

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george king

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david hinchcliff

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